In the early nineties of the last century the research group "Philosophy, Constitution and Rationality" was established. Today it consists primarily of professors, lecturers and researchers in the field of Philosophy of Law at the University of A Coruña. Other Spanish and foreign researchers who previously joined the group keep in touch through occasional collaborations.

In addition to studies on political philosophy and classical and contemporary theory of justice, the group’s main lines of research, that explain its name, has been supported by research projects financed by public competitive national and regional tenders. In the early years the research focused on the critical analysis of contemporary legal thought, basic rights, interpretation and application of law and theories of argumentation. Later, group’s research was directed toward the understanding of the transformation of current legal systems, constitutionalization and neoconstitutionalism particularly, and then towards the theoretical study of transitional justice. At the same time and narrowly connected with the aforementioned issues, different research lines on Bioethics and Biolaw, supported by public national and private funding and in collaboration with health care institutions, have been developed. In this area, particular attention to confidentiality and health data protection, decision-making and persons with disabilities has been devoted. Currently, both orientations converge in examining principlism and other methodological responses to biomedical decision-making and in shaping a harmonizing proposal including contributions of legal theory, legal argumentation and human rights.

Besides academic publications and participation in conferences, scientific meetings or seminars, the academic training capacity of the group, with 19 doctoral theses (Ph.D.) defended over the past 15 years and half a dozen more in defense and development process, by Spanish and Latin American researchers, should be highlighted.