Current research lines

  1. Politics and Law.
    Analysis of the redefinition process of relations between Politics and Law.
    Transformation of contemporary legal systems.
    Constitucionalization and legal regulation beyond the State.
    Interpretation and legal argumentation, specially in the constitutional level. Study of current legal models and development of alternative models.
    Transformation of the politics. The weakening of the solid structures of modernity. The emergence of a paradigm of a "postmodern politics". Current economic and financial crisis. Reflections on the future of the European Union and Spain.
  2. Bioethics and Health Law.
    Law and Bioethics. Methodological and substantive issues.
    Biomedical decision-making. Foundations and methods. Analysis and improvement proposals from legal theory, legal argumentation and basic rights theories.
    Bioethics and human rights.
    Justice and health.
    Bioethics and Occupational Therapy.
    Bioethics, disability and dependence. Philosophical and legal conceptions of disability.
    Patient´s autonomy. Philosophical and legal foundations. Decisional autonomy. Informational autonomy. Functional or executive autonomy.
    Privacy and confidentiality. Health data. Genetic information. Clinical records.
    Health conscientious objection.
    End-of-life decisions. Advance care planning. Advance directives.
    Bioethical commissions, ethical review boards and deliberative method.
    Law, Ethics and Biotechnology.
    Synthetic Biology.